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Classic Bugs at Microsoft:The new 2% milk cartons are clearly dysfunctional. They don't open properly

Занятный пример написания бага и ответа - от Microsoft из книги How We Test At Microsoft. Как говорится - улыбнуло.

Bug #65889: The new 2% milk cartons are clearly dysfunctional. They don't open properly .
Opened by
The new 2% milk cartons are clearly dysfunctional. They don't open properly. This seems to be a regression from the older design. Building 35 is having the same issue. Clearly, this is a Pri1, Sev1 bug because I'm encountering it 2 to 3 times a day.

Response from Microsoft Dining
Thank you for contacting us about the new milk. We found out the reason that the milk is hard to open is because our milk provider has just bought a brand-new machine for the pint-size milk cartons and they are adjusting the machine now so as not to have such a tight seal. Thank you for your question, and should you require additional information, please feel free to contact me.

Suggested workarounds:
1. Drink water instead.
2. Bring your own cow.
3. Use elevator doors to clip off the seal.
4. Freeze the milk carton, let the frozen milk crack the carton, and then thaw.
5. Tell your manager that you can't work without milk and let him solve the problem.
This bug is causing a lot of churn—it might sour our attempts at the RI this week. I hope we can moove
on this issue quickly.

The exact same problem has been reported out in the Sammamish campus. We've discovered a local workaround that might be helpful. There is an alternate dairy located approximate 1.35 miles south of our location that bottles 2% in quart-sized containers that are sufficiently easy to open. The downside is that it is typically substantially more milk than a single person can comfortably consume in one sitting. An additional step to the workaround is finding 2-3 other people who also want to consume the milk at the same time. I'm not sure that this warrants downgrading of the bug's severity because of the caveats associated with this workaround: (1) the geographic location of the alternate source being much less convenient than the kitchen fridge, and (2) that efficient consumption requires pooling of resources.

The latest information I have from our dairy provider is that they will not be able to release the fix ASAP because the new fix will be required to go through extensive testing. The testers have refused to sign off on the fix. They said that they have merely tested the private for the bug fix but haven't run their full regression pass. Currently, only three testers are handling this component and they can drink only 8 cartons a day. The team could conduct more carton-opening tests, but carton-tasting, milk flow testing, and carton pressure tests are still remaining. In addition, since the seal has been made less tight they have been observing breaks in their stress tests.

Test needs 3-4 more weeks.

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  1. ну хоть бы пару строк черкнул, что же такого занятного в этом примере

  2. Просто это не программный баг, а жизненный случай расписанный как баг. )